Family/Systemic Constellations

Family/Systemic Constellations

Family Constellation is a recently developed approach to help reveal hidden dynamics in a family/relationship/individual in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. Present day and/or ancestral systems are addressed. This approach developed by Bert Hellinger is soul based- not psychological.  New insights, new perspectives, new awareness, new feelings can be part of the healing.

When this modality is powered by a true belief in each being's self healing ability and direction from nature and source connection, magic happens!


These are interesting times- old systems and ways of being are leaving and if you listen really closely you can hear the heartbeat of something new emerging.

And we still carry old patterns, fears, conditioning- always looking outside of ourselves for someone, something to help us- save us- forgetting WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR

Never before in the history of the world have more people questioned how they are living their lives and at the same time awakening to unique gifts that may not be understood or owned.




Elizabeth Lynn Rohr is committed to supporting you in :

  •  Creating a life that works better in these changing times
  •  Creating community
  •  Recognizing your blocks- what stops you over and over
  •  Living a unique life
  •  Deepening your connection with yourself- which naturally deepens your connection with others
  •  Learning how to source yourself and your choices


Online Group Constellations
In person Group Constellations
Online one on one Constellations
In person one on one Constellations

Monthly online group-third Wednesday of each month -Heart Donation

Introduction to Family Constellation Work -Fourth Thursday of every month at Una Vida Niwot6:30-8:30pm Free event

Family Constellation Work with Horses/Bee Hugger Farm Longmont
 June11, July 9, September 10 1:30-4:30pm
Weather permitting
Cost $25-client spots available

Family Constellation workshops at Una Vida
Cost $20
Sundays May 21st and June 25th (Community Day- everyone pays $40 and clients come from the group); July 16 1:30-4:30pm

 For more information on Family Constellations:

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Constellations and Mentoring

"Working with Elizabeth in a constellation is a compelling experience. She holds a safe container to open up space for fun, play, community, and exploration in the field! I'm honored to write words of appreciation and gratitude for the transformational work Elizabeth does." "I have also experienced patterns shifting- phenomenal work!"--- 



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